Split PCL, Count PCL & Extract PCL Pages

Since 1993 Page Technology Marketing, Inc. (PageTech) has specialized in HP PCL print-stream transformation, typeface conversion utilities and other related PCL re-engineering technologies. Our PCL Split.exe is a multi-function, multi-purpose collection of functions to split, extract, normalize (see note below) or count PCL print file pages. PCL Split.exe is included in every configuration of PCL Tool SDK. And, it also comes with the PCL Works GUI-Only Programs. However, it's source code is provided only with PCL Tool SDK (Option I).

The PCL Split Utility is actually a sample program to show some of PageTech's transformation, text search, PCL page extraction / normalization and page counting capabilities. PCL Split.exe calls various API functions in the custom programming version of PCL Tool SDK (Option I only).

For customers with more complex print-streams we recommend PCLXForm (PCL Tool SDK Option V) with a custom steamediting .tpt script. If PCL Split.exe does not perform the file splitting functions you require, send your zipped PCL files along with your requirements for a Free PCL Splitting Analysis, Recommendation and Quotation. If we can't split your PCL print-stream No one Can!

PCL Split.exe Functions:

  • Extracts and normalizes pages from a large input PCL file into smaller PCL files based on the page ranges specified.
  • Splits PCL files by a change in a Keyword (ie. Invoice #) specified in a runtime-provided Index-By-Location (.IBL) file.
  • Counts the number of pages in a PCL file, then can split the file by the page count specified.
  • Splits PCL files into single pages and serializes the output PCL filenames.
  • Displays the total number of pages had hits for the keyword specified.

Advanced PCL Split Options:

In cases where PCL Split does not meet your specific requirements or where PCL compatibilities need to be worked through, we have the following options:

  • Customize PCL Split - you can do this with PCL Tool SDK (Option I) or based on your specifications, PageTech's engineers will provide a fixed RFQ for whatever you need to accomplish.
  • Custom PCLXForm .TPT script - you can do the with PCL Tool SDK (Option V) or or based on your specifications, PageTech's engineers will provide a fixed RFQ for whatever you need to accomplish.

Note: Normalization means adding all the environment variables including the current state of download bitmap or scalable fonts, macros, etc. to the beginning of the first page of the next section of the split PCL file. If you are fortunate enough to have very simple PCL where each page contains all the information it needs to be rendered properly, then almost no normalization needs to take place.

However, the more efficient and complex your PCL, the more difficult it is to keep track of the current state of the printer and encapsulate the overlays, temporary download bitmap/scalable fonts, etc. into PCL that can be prepended to the first page of the next section of the split PCL file. We were the first normalize complex PCL in 1995 and remain the best at this difficult task.

An important note to remember - Other vendors sell less capable PCL file splitting technologies starting at $5,000. PageTech's PCL Split.exe is available from $79 to $995 and our specialty is PCL customization to meet your specific application requirements.


Option I of the PCL Tool SDK has a industry exclusive dynamic link library (DLL) that converts PCL text and vector files into bitmap formats (in-memory TIFF Gp4, in-memory PCL to DIB, PCL to PCX, PCL to DCX, PCL to BMP, PCL to PNG, PCL to XPS, PCL to PDF and PCL to TIFF); or into vector formats (in-memory PCL to GDI, PCL to PDF, PCL to PDF/A, PCL to WMF and PCL to EMF) with metrically matching TrueType fonts for those fonts in the PCL print file.

PCL Tool SDK ranges from US $425-$995 depending on options selected. All prices are subject to reasonable restrictions and conditions. Custom licensing and custom modifications are available. If you purchased PCL Works Program for US $79, $89, $137 or $157, a $50 credit can go towards the purchase of PCL Tool SDK if you need to upgrade at a later date.

All PCL Tool SDK Options are designed to fit into existing applications quickly and seamlessly!


PCL Transformation products for Developers, Systems Integrators and MIS departments.


PCLTool SDK converts complex PCL into PDF, PDF/A, XPS, TIFF, BMP, JPG, PNG, WMF, and EMF.

PCLWorks Program

PCLWorks provides a Subset of Essential PCLTool SDK GUI-Only Programs that can view, convert, debug, and analyze PCL print-streams.